How to make your car loan payment

Make your auto loan payments with one of these easy and convenient payment methods.

Cost: FREE Payments will be posted immediately.
3. PAYMENT in person • 4530 S Archer Ave, Chicago
Cost: FREE Payments will be posted immediately.


How to register or log in:

To make a payment from a mobile phone using Pay Near Me, Scan the QR code below to log in to Pay Near Me and learn about payment options.

Follow the steps to create or log in to the Pay Near Me portal. When making a payment through Pay Near Me, the link can be requested via text message or email.

Step 1: If the link is requested via text message, click on the link you will receive.

Step 2: It will take you to the main page of PNM. It will ask you to enter your mobile phone number and your account number known as stock number associated with the account.

Step 3: Choose a payment option such as cash, debit card, or Apple Pay (NOT credit card)

Step 4: If paying with a debit card, enter the card information; If paying with cash, be sure to enter your zip code and choose the nearest payment location.

Step 5: Once you select the location where you will pay, you will show the barcode to the cashier.

Important information about late fees: If the payment due is not made by the payment posting deadline on the day the late fee grace period expires, a late fee may apply. The deadline for payment posting varies depending on the type of payment. See below for the payment posting cutoff time for each payment type. Check your contract for the amount of the late payment fee. Telephone and in-person payments during regular business hours and payments by mail will be credited on the day they are received during normal business hours (Monday-Saturday 9-6).